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Mill House Properties offers only full-service leasing and management for our rental owners. Our fee structure is listed below along with the 20+ services our full-service plan includes. Click above to download the complete sample new owner packet.

  • Our monthly management fee is 10% for all properties (10% starts month #2).
  • Start up marketing fee of $250.00
  • Tenant procurement fee is ½ the 1st month’s rent
  • 12 month renewal fee is $250
  • Quarterly advertising fee, $45.00 per quarter
  • Early termination/transfer fee: $500.00 per property (moved, sold or taken back by owner)

Service Includes

  • Post your property on all websites (MLS and its thirty other affiliate websites,,, etc.)
  • Install yard sign and lock box (as needed)
  • Post flyers through Poster Guys of Chapel Hill and Carrboro
  • Respond to potential tenants and perform tenant screening
  • Receive and process applications
  • Pull credit report or get Parental Guarantee for students
  • Pull employment history and residence history
  • Negotiate lease terms
  • Prepare lease and move-in documents
  • Meet tenants for lease interview and signing
  • Collect rent each month
  • Respond to maintenance calls
  • Schedule property visits, as needed
  • Handle bounced checks
  • Handle neighbor complaints
  • Handle HOA violations
  • Handle unauthorized occupants
  • Handle late rents, skips, abandonment and evictions
  • Complete move-out inspections
  • Handle security deposit collections and refunds
  • Send out end-of-year 1099 forms

Additional Services

  • Early termination/transfer fee, $500.00 per property
  • Key locating fee, $25.00 (if not provided by owner)
  • Oversee owner’s vendor fee, $50.00 per site trip
  • Leasing bonus to outside brokers, $250.00
  • Special HOA signage fee, $50.00
  • Nuisance trip fee, $35.00
  • Stop payment fee, $35.00
  • Re-issue check fee, $35.00
  • Annual inspection fee, $35.00 (performed in spring)
  • Unscheduled property visit fee, $35.00
  • Meet someone at property fee, $35.00 (ie. appraiser, inspector, etc.)
  • Court appearance fee, $75.00

Disclosure of fees

  • All net rent belongs to the Owner; all other fees, including but not limited to application fees, late fees, collection and administration fees, bad check charges, forfeited reservation deposits and interest on trust accounts shall be the property of the agent.
  • Agent may pay (and receive) referral fees, commissions, rebates and bonuses to (and from) outside real estate agents, tenant referral companies, rental relocation companies, multiple listing companies, builders, developers, contractors and vendors who assist the agent in marketing, showing, monitoring, leasing, managing and maintaining the properties.

These are one-time fees unless otherwise noted. Additional services/fees are only charged on an as needed basis.