Most people think property management is as simple as finding a tenant, moving them in, collecting rent and moving them out when the lease is finished. But so much more goes on behind the scenes, and today we’re talking about what professional property management is, and what it can do for you.

Advertising and Marketing

A professional property management company will take care of all advertising and marketing for your property. That will include print advertising, dozens of online sites and even local events. Tenants near and far will be aware of your property.

Application and Screening

Once a tenant is found, your property manager will have a thorough and consistent application process that includes a background and credit check. Once approved, your property manager will take care of the move in process and complete all the leg work for you. This includes scheduling, cleaning, painting and repairs. Your home will be ready for tenants to move in on time.

Legal Issues

Having a property management company will reduce any legal issues you run into. If any legal questions or issues do arise, the property management company will work with legal professionals to protect you and your home.

Maintenance and Repairs

With a property manager, all of your maintenance needs will be handled quickly and expertly. Managers will be prepared to schedule maintenance and repairs and fix anything that breaks. They will maintain relationships with vendors and keep tenants updated on the status of their maintenance requests.

Move Out Process

Once your tenant is ready to move out, there’s a process that needs to be followed. A good property manager will conduct a move out inspection and check for repairs that need to happen. Appropriate charges will be made to the security deposit so the least amount of money comes out of the owner’s pocket for damages that are the tenant’s responsibility.

Financial Management

Property managers offer you carefree financial management. They will generate reports on tenants and help you prepare for tax filing. You can access any reports and forms that you need.

What is Professional Property Management in Carrboro NC and What Can it Do for YouUltimately, using a property management company means taking work away from property owners and leaving them with great investments. If you have any questions about what professional property management can do for you, please contact us at Mill House Properties.

Posted by: millhouseprop on February 24, 2016