There are a number of important details that go into the management of the move in and move out process with your tenants and your property. Today, we’re sharing some of the things that a good property management company will do. There must be a consistent plan in place when tenants are moving in and moving out.

Property Condition

You have to make sure the property is in good shape before the tenants move in and after the tenants leave. You also want to keep tenants happy throughout this process.

Timing the Repairs

Timing is important. Good property managers take care of all scheduling. When you’re setting up painters, cleaners and repairmen to go into your property, you need to time these things properly to make sure things aren’t getting ruined and people aren’t stepping over each other. If a painter goes in after a carpet has been cleaned, you have a carpet that will need to be cleaned again. If a messy repair person goes in after the floor has been mopped, you might need to send someone out again.

Property Inspections

The move out process is just as tricky for landlords and property managers. After a tenant moves out, you need to go into the home and look for damages. Charge the security deposit based on any damages you find. This process needs to happen quickly, otherwise owners and tenants will get upset. Tenants want their security deposits back on time and owners want their house ready for the next renter.
How to Handle the Move-In and Move-Out Process like a Carrboro Property Management CompanyGood property managers have a set list of things that need to be taken care of during the move in and move out process. Follow that list for every property. When the process is seamless, owners and tenants are satisfied and the rental property is taken care of from the beginning to the end.
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Posted by: millhouseprop on February 18, 2016