Moving In

  • Rent/prorated rent must be paid in full to pick-up keys. Also, all keys must be picked up together.
  • Move-in inspection form must be completed and turned within 7 days of move-in. Please take your time and be thorough, you will notice items you did not see on the first day. This is for your protection. This informs us of the condition of the property when you moved-in. This way you will not be blamed for damage that was already present. For any items that need repair please submit a maintenance request through your tenant portal. Maintenance requests will NOT be created from the move-in inspection.
  • All properties have been cleaned to the standards of Mill House Properties, this includes professional carpet cleaning. We realize that everyone has a different definition of “clean”, however you are accepting the cleanliness of the home as is.
  • All utilities must be turned on in your name by lease start date. Failure to have utilities transferred into you name will result in a $100.00 fee.


Moving Out

Here are a few helpful tips to make this transition easier for you:

  • Fill out the Notice to Vacate form(should have already been done), this will include your forwarding address to send your security deposit. Please note that only one check will be cut for the security deposit.
  • Please be sure that unit/house is left clean. All rooms, appliances, bathrooms, ceiling fans, return grates, must be clean.
  • Please submit receipt for carpet cleaning. Carpet must be cleaned by a professional cleaning company. Failure to provide a receipt could result in a deduction from your security deposit for cleaning.
  • Remove ALL trash and personal belongings from the premises inside and out. Mill House Properties is not responsible for any items left behind.
  • Perform any applicable yard maintenance according to your lease agreement.
  • Have utilities taken out of your name effective the last day of your lease.
  • Have mail forwarded to your new address.
  • Please return ALL keys on or before the last day of your lease. You WILL be charged rent until we receive ALL keys. Do not mail them. If it is after business hours you can return keys through our mail slot at the back door. Please be sure that they are in a labeled envelope. When keys are returned whether they be all the keys or not, you should expect that the unit/house will be inspected. Whatever condition we find it in at that time, is what we will charge for. We will NOT re-inspect. This is why it is very important that everyone is out and all keys are returned together.
  • The security deposit will be returned within 30 days of the move-out date to the forwarding address provided.