We’re talking to tenants today, and providing the four best tips that can help them in getting security deposits back when they move out of their Chapel Hill and Carrboro rental homes.

Getting Security Deposit Back Tip #1: Move In Inspection Form

Getting your security deposit back starts during the move in process, when you need to be sure you fill out your move in inspection form completely. Sometimes, tenants forget to do this and it really helps at the end of the lease because we always go back to the move in inspection and review the things you’ve written down. These are investment properties and while we take really good care of the homes we manage, things are not always perfect. You may notice a small scratch on the floor or a ding in the cabinet. We want you to take note of these things so you’re not charged for damage that might have already been there.

Getting Security Deposit Back Tip #2: Clean

This is a common sense tip – clean! You shouldn’t clean only when you move out. You should be cleaning your Chapel Hill and Carrboro rental home regularly while you’re living there, not just when you have visitors. If you keep up with your cleaning throughout the lease, then when it’s time to move out it will be much easier for you to do that final deep clean. We’ll know you’ve been taking care of the rental property. Clean appliances, toilets, air filters and anything that can collect dust and dirt. We don’t want to charge you for cleaning at the end.

Getting Security Deposit Back Tip #3: Take It With You

Make sure you take everything with you when you move out. You might think you’re being nice when you leave a Costco-size supply of toilet paper behind, but you need to take everything with you when you leave. That includes furniture, trash, supplies and anything else. Otherwise, we’ll charge you to clean them out.

Getting Security Deposit Back Tip #4: Report Maintenance

4 Best Tips for Chapel Hill & Carrboro Tenants to Get Their Security Deposit Back Property Management EducationWhether it’s a toilet that’s been running or a cabinet door that is loose or broken, report needed maintenance work as it happens so we can take care of it for you. If you leave damaged things behind, you may be charged for that from your deposit. Report everything that needs attention.

Truth be told, we want to return all our tenants’ security deposits in full. If you have any questions about how we handle deposits ,what we charge, or if you need help looking for Chapel Hill and Carrboro properties to rent, please contact us at Mill House Properties.

Posted by: millhouseprop on December 29, 2015