Using licensed and insured vendors will help protect you and your property in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Some of our owners will often question why we don’t just use the cheapest plumber or the most available electrician when we’re fixing a problem in their home. Not every maintenance person on Google will be licensed and insured, and it’s important to have high standards when you’re maintaining your property.

Choosing Insured Vendors

Your Chapel Hill and Carrboro property manager should do all the legwork when selecting the right professionals to complete repair work. If you don’t use qualified and insured vendors, there’s a lot of liability placed on you, the owner. That’s not what you want, and it’s more important to protect yourself. Saving a bit of money on repairs in exchange for liability is simply not worth it.

Vendor Relationships

It’s good to have a set team of licensed and insured vendors that will be in and out of your home on regular basis, as things need to be fixed. This will allow them to catch things that one-off might get missed. They will see patterns that vendors who only get to your property once might not see.

High Quality Work Product

Getting things fixed properly the first time will ultimately be less expensive. It won’t take long for you to notice that your home needs less maintenance over time when you know that things are being done right.

Use a Chapel Hill and Carrboro property manager who has a team of qualified vendors in place, so your home and investment are protected. Working with the best is less expensive for you, and your property will be better taken care of.

Do I Really Need Licensed and Insured Vendors for my Carrboro Rental HomeIf you have any additional questions about why you should be using licensed and insured vendors, please contact us at Mill House Properties.

Posted by: millhouseprop on March 9, 2016