How to Avoid Online Scams – Carrboro Property Management Advice

Searching online is the best way to find a new property or at least start the process. If you take a few seconds to search in your area, you’ll see there are hundreds of listings on dozens of websites.

The problem with searching online is that you don’t have any direct contact initially with the agent or the landlord who is renting out the property. That lack of contact could lead you to a scam if you’re not careful.

Scams are easy to avoid, however. Today, we’re sharing five simple tips that can help you move forward in your search for rental property without being scammed.


Do I Really Need Licensed and Insured Vendors for My Chapel Hill and Carrboro Rental Home? Maintenance Advice for Landlords

Using licensed and insured vendors will help protect you and your property in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Some of our owners will often question why we don’t just use the cheapest plumber or the most available electrician when we’re fixing a problem in their home. Not every maintenance person on Google will be licensed and insured, and it’s important to have high standards when you’re maintaining your property. (more…)